Frequently Asked Questions

Since 1986, PathCon Labs has been a leader in prevention.
Over the decades we have accumulated a deep knowledge of our industry.

PathCon is the reference laboratory for Legionella testing, not a general routine lab. Our analysis is far more thorough than the minimum required to achieve accreditation. Remember, PathCon scientists developed the microbiological media and the methods for Legionella detection.

PathCon Laboratories FAQs

Photo of Dr. James Feeley and George Gorman working on Legionella detection at CDC before starting PathCon in 1986.

PathCon is more than just a reporting lab. We won’t leave you hanging on how to interpret your results or what your options are for remediation.

PathCon can give you independent advice on remediation options. We don’t sell any disinfection products, so our advice is not influenced any conflict of interest.

Our work goes beyond Legionella prevention and control. We handle most any kind of environmental microbiological analysis—from testing potentially contaminated medical devices, to detecting mold in office buildings, to identifying and controlling Mycobacterium in water systems.

Legionella testing is a specialized microbiological test, and PathCon is the private reference lab for Legionella testing. PathCon does not sell chemical disinfectants and therefore doesn’t have the conflict of interest that a water treatment company selling you chemicals would have. Our testing is objective, thorough and proven to deliver accurate results.

Every pipe in every system is different. Each has different levels of biofilm, corrosion, scaling, pitting and water temperature. The amount of chlorine necessary needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis, hence the value of testing and documentation of effective disinfection.