Accurate Legionella Analysis
that Exceeds ISO Standards

Accurate Legionella Analysis

The respected world leader in Legionella testing.

PathCon scientists are internationally recognized authorities in Legionella testing. As a reference laboratory—not a routine lab—we have proven methods to detect Legionella in building water systems and to eliminate the risk of transmission of legionellosis when others cannot.

A reference laboratory. With proven methods.

With its uniquely thorough and proven methodology of testing across multiple media plates, PathCon can help identify possible Legionella transmission sources through analysis of samples from cooling towers, condensers, water heaters, shower heads and sink faucets, decorative fountains, hot tubs and spas, and other potential contamination sites.

Environmental mycobacteria analysis for any industry.

As an EMLAP accredited laboratory for bacteria and fungi (AIHA-LAP, LLC — Laboratory ID 102657) and an A2LA accredited laboratory for Legionella analysis (A2LA Certificate No. 3056.01), PathCon also provides laboratory support to industrial hygienists, engineers, environmental health firms, safety professionals and others responsible for facility maintenance and compliance. PathCon offers suggested sampling protocols and assistance to clients in specific sampling strategies to detect the growth of microorganisms, especially Legionella, in often challenging building water environments.

aiha lap accredited laboratory

Our work goes beyond Legionella prevention and control.

In addition to helping identify and control Legionella and Mycobacterium in cooling towers and water systems, PathCon can also identify and help with prevention of these hazards:

As the first private, commercial laboratory, PathCon was established in 1986 by former CDC scientists to bring quality CDC-level microbiological testing and analysis to private industry. We have the ability to process a large number of samples quickly and accurately with traditional analysis and ExpressID® qPCR assays.